I’d never heard Shakespeare in “bogan-speak” until I saw Bell Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors at the Arts Centre in Melbourne last week. I’d never seen cocaine snorting in Shakespeare or sword fights turned into ping-pong games, or love declarations involving washing machines on the spin cycle… Well, I have now. What a brilliant few hours […]

I have long been a fan of YouTube, mostly for funny movies or montages of my favourite characters from film and TV. I know there have been interesting “causes” on YouTube, but apart from the infamous Kony fail they have never really caught my interest. That was until I saw Beyond Blue’s “I am Anxiety” […]

I really dislike it when prolific social media users say that the online world allows them to be “themselves”, the “most me I can be” and “my true self”. This bothers me because the majority of these very popular online identities are quietly spoken, unassuming and have the propensity to be boring. Online though, they […]

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this one over the last few weeks… I have an old friend who lives in Boston. We met in 2007 when she came over from America to do a study abroad program here in Melbourne. After she left we kept in touch via facebook and I actually visited […]

Response to Week Three Reading “Asian Culture?” by Roger M Keesing from Asian Studies Review. This reading was about the anthropological view of “culture” specifically to Asian cultures. Things that stuck me were: The idea of grouping a mix of cultures together as one. In America in 2009 I worked at a summer camp and […]

Last night I wandered around my neighbourhood (it’s fun and young and full of hipsters, that’s your only clue) and took photos of all the different types of media I saw… Here’s the result.          

Reaction to Week 2 Reading Bauman’s ‘Identity in the globalising world’. What struck me the most was the discussion of ‘Disembeddment’ referencing Daniel Cohen. “‘Disembeddment’ is now an experience which is likely to be repeated an unknown number of times in the course of individual life, since few if any ‘beds’ for ‘re-embedding’ look solid […]